Wood shed plans

My story

Imagine being able to build your own shed in your backyard without any problems and constant trips back to the hardware store. Yes i tried one of those free wood shed plans from the internet. Lets just say i lost a few 100$ in wood and made plenty trips back and forth to the hardware store just to end up starting over new and scrapping the first project.
Wood shed plans

I did some research online and found MyShedPlans on my second go around. It made a huge difference and to my surprise no headaches. I had a list of materials and tools ahead of time so i knew exactly what i needed and didn’t have to drive to the store every time something was missing. I had all the right tools laid out and ready to use. This time i didn’t have to spend 20 minutes searching for the right tool in the middle of the project just to find out i didn’t have the right size… yep already saved my self one trip back to the store.

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This time everything went surprisingly smooth. The instructions where clear and easy to follow no confusion on what goes where. Detailed blueprints and pictures of each step certainly helped with that. Exact lists of materials and tools detailed down to the amount of screws i needed. I still cant believe how easy it was. One of my neighbors was pretty surprised to see my brand new shed one day after i started working on it. He thought i was cheating and bought one of those 2000$ ready made sheds. I actually had to show him the plans i used to convince him that i had just built that shed my self in less than a day.

So if your thinking about building a shed your self. Any shed, like pottery shed,storage shed,garden shed, and many more. Do yourself a favor and get high Quality plans. You don’t want to end up like me the first time around. Its much cheaper to pay a few bucks for some good professional plans than to waste 100s on the wrong wood/tools because of bad plans.

After lots of research and price comparison I recommend MyShedPlans. These plans cost less and just plain outclass the others. Click here to visit MyshedPlans

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