Shed Building 101

So you want to build your own shed? Well its not as hard as it looks but it can cause some grief if your not well prepared. Here are some some Quick steps to take along the way

#1 Plan ahead:. What kind of shed do you want. What is it for? Storage? Pottery? Firewood?

#2 Size matters: How big does your shed need to be? Do you have the flat space to put a shed?

#3 Materials: Wood/plastic/metal Each has their pros and cons. Wood is generally the easiest to work with from scratch.

#4 Flooring: Decide what kind of floor your shed will have.

#5 The Plan: Decide if your going to use a kit, a ready made shed, or shed plans.

#6 The List: Now is the time to make a list of all the materials and tools you will need. Depending on the route you took this can be more or less but there is always something you will need and its best to get it ahead of time.

#7 The Build: Its time to build the shed. Ready made sheds are pretty self explanatory from here on out. Kits and from scratch are similar in that you will be following plans to build the shed. The kit will require less wood cutting and measuring since everything should already be cut to size.

#8 The Frame: The frame is always first after the parts are ready. Don’t cut corners this is the part that holds everything together.

#9 The Rest: Following your plans should get you to a finished shed in no time. Expect a few hiccups and don’t worry to much about time constraints. The more detailed you want in your shed the longer it will take. Windows,electricity,roof shingles,paint/furniture all of these things can take quite a long time depending on what you want.

#10: Enjoy your new shed!

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